We give your investments purpose

Investment advice on real estate

If you are thinking of investing in real estate, regardless of the size of the investment, we recommend an independent and professional assessment of your intentions. We can help you with the selection of investment properties and land in the Czech Republic and abroad including service funding, whether you want to buy a property as an individual or a company. We will find a suitable property in major towns and cities such as Berlin, London, Vienna, Paris, New York… or at tourist locations at sea or in the Alps with a potential real estate appreciation and income through long-term lease.

We will answer your questions such as where to buy cheaply, what to watch and where you can expect good appreciation. Or we can help you find investment "made to measure" if you have an idea of the type of real estate investment you want.

We provide you with our knowledge and experience to prepare

  • an analysis of the local market risk assessment
  • analysis of your site and evaluation of competing investment projects
  • alculation of return on investment
  • cash-flow plan
  • business plan
  • estimate the market value of the property
  • advice on financing options
  • recommendations for further action