We give your investments purpose

Investments in companies

Private Equity is a medium to long term financing of promising companies and projects provided for acquisition of stake in their capital. For our clients, we focus on small to medium sized businesses that are successful in the market for at least three years, have a clear competitive advantage or unique patents, are debt free and often IPO ready.

We arrange investments in the German speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein) through our reputable business partners with a long history and high credit ratings. This way you can access the same projects and companies as the world's largest institutional investors (banks, pension funds, etc.).

The advantage of private equity investments is that you become a partner (i.e. the owner of the company) and invest directly to property companies. Your share is entered in the commercial register of companies through the trustee. Your property is protected from adverse changes in the financial markets – you do not have a security interest in a property, but a share in promising companies with high profitability.